Declaration – Ethics and sponsorship rules

This is a new channel, contact point for all who are interested in microphones for speech applications. And so I would be happy if my content helps you with your decisions or if you can expand your know-how. My statements reflect my personal opinion – you are welcome to disagree.

Small history

Originated in 2019 from my own applications and personal needs, a passion for microphones developed – all bought and paid for myself. Not without reason, friends have called me a #MicJunkie for some time – I can understand it.


Through many years of experience, I perform my tests (sometimes with the support of third parties) to the best of my knowledge and sometimes with great effort. Nevertheless, my test environment cannot always be one hundred percent perfect. For example, building or renting an anechoic (anechoic-free) chamber costing millions would be far beyond the budget. However, the specially developed test environments allow for practical measurement results and statements.


Up to now, not a single device has been made available to me free of charge by manufacturers, distributors, …. However, the market is constantly growing and I cannot and do not want to have to pay for everything out of my own pocket. So it is possible that I will accept free trial units in the future. If that should be so once, I make attentive at the beginning of a video on it – say I nothing, the video was also not sponsored – completely simply.
I do not want to exclude sponsoring that goes beyond giving away products at this point; however, I generally only work with companies and reputable brands that I trust.

My channels are not an extended marketing channel of the manufacturers but reflect my honest, personal opinion.

The black hole

If companies send me unsolicited products, they will first “disappear” into a black hole. It is exclusively up to me to decide what I do with these products. The sending of the products does not entitle me to a (positive) test or product presentation. It can also be that I donate the products, give them away,…


Of course I am happy if others like my content and videos and share it directly. But my videos and content may not be copied and published elsewhere.

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